Thursday, April 10, 2014

Killing it

I logged into Blogger, for the first time in over 4 months, to announce the death of this blog.

And then, I poked around and looked at many of the things I've written in the 8 years I've been blogging. Holy caraapp, 8 years!

I started blogging in 2006 because I was already writing race reports (since 2000!) and sending them out to sponsors and teammates and my little mommy, so why not just post them for all the world to see? And then it morphed into a post-whatever-mom-would like to see sort of blog, while keeping sponsors sorta kinda happy. But I'm not really a bike racer anymore. Tough to admit, but no sense continuing to ignore what has been waving its flag in my face for several years.

I was riding through the forest tonight (if you want to avoid people in the woods on the first warm dry evening of spring, stick to the fire roads), and for some reason a prominent thought was "that blog needs to come down." Why? Well, I know why.... but I don't really feel like posting the why. Which is one of the reasons I shouldn't have a public blog anymore!

So, I think I'm done. (I think?) Reading the old posts makes me want to not stop writing, but I don't see why I should continue posting publicly. Over the next few months I'll start taking posts down and will eventually just leave a placeholder in case I ever want to start back up again, you know when I'm a grumpy retired lady with nothing better to do than post awkward pictures of me and my cats.

Thank you all for reading.

only awkward people pictures

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Plus ca change...

Plus c'est la meme chose! 

"The more things change, the more things stay the same...." Or so the French saying goes. 

And like my boss's boss, who can express a million sentiments in just a few words, that phrase screams volumes. It pretty much sums up my Thanksgiving weekend. (Alas, I have not yet developed the "read a million meanings between the words of my one lined message" skill...)

Change: Busier than ever at work, with a challengingly fun project under foot
Same: Carving out down time erases the stress and makes me whole; I sure am grateful for the four day weekend! 

Change: While many Americans were out celebrating Consumer Day, er, Black Friday, I worked diligently on my own version of Buy Nothing Day to get rid of meaningless clutter. 3 trips to the Goodwill dropoff, woot!
Same: There is still clutter. Just less of it. But more concentrated.

Change: Andy and I cleaned up our front room so that we would actually use it (before, half of it was his music area, the other half was clutter, and a kitty tree)
Same: well, it's still the same room. But it's a heckuva lot better place to be!

Change: Year, hours.
Same: Still ridin' bikes. I guess we're lifers.

One more week in Ashevegas before I return to California for another whirlwind trip of office visits and working sessions and HOLIDAY PARTY. If you have to travel in December, leaving the cool climes of Western North Carolina for the balmy West coast is not the worst thing to do...

Two "before" snapshots of our front room (now renamed the Library). The orange and yellow of the walls set me on edge every time I went in there... which might be why it was so neglected.

Lots o' clutter... I hesitate to post this... but oh well. Here it is.
Artie supervising Andy's painting efforts...
Voila! Same room, different look. We finished Friday, and we've hung out in here every night since. Artie is curled up next to me on the blue futon as I type....

And so here is my official Thanksgiving 2013 post. It feels like, more so than ever before, I have so much to appreciate. WOO the f' HOO!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A new hat

I'm on my way home after a last minute trip to my parent company's accounting HQ in Palm Desert.

I just ate the most delicious rice and sausage wrap from an Asian place; the prediction in the attached photo awaited me in the fortune cookie.

I don't know exactly what lies in store for me professionally... But it's trending toward improving my already awesome experience. What a great week to have started reading Lean In. (now I just gotta finish it!)

(p.s. Andy started blogging again... So I gotta keep up!)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Lookout, world!

Something's coming! (it's not me)

I"ve started bunches of blog posts in the past couple o' months, the best of which was entitled "O2S 2013: Forecast Calls for Train"... all in various forms of not-being-finished, although the O2s one just needs heavy editing down to sound bite size.

Life is a crazy whirlwind of working, playing, and living right now. Working being the primary thing, THREE GIANT PROJECTS plus my daily duties. Somehow it remains excitng and interesting and I have a very strong, pretty much confirmed suspicion it's because I work with a lot of mighty fine folks.

I've gone to a couple of cx races since the season started in September, and gotten my butt handed to my royally. Apparently you have to train to be fast? I knew this, I think. ;-) People ask me what I've been up to this year and I honestly can't remember... seems the days bleed together into one long stream of happy go lucky not much of anything, and I ask Andy "what am I doing", and he says "living", and I think "okay!". Because really, it is. Damn fine! 

Since getting DFL in the first two races (and strangely enough not really caring!), I've been riding a little bit every day, and getting further and further away from last every time I race! Probably won't be winning any races anytime soon (unless, of course, no one shows up), but at least I'm solidly mid-pack now. Lined up on Caturday and heard a very talented rider go on and on about how she hadn't ridden for 7 weeks and how she got injured and blah blah blah and thought "hmm.... this would make a great episode of shit bike racers say!" and of course she went on to kick my ass. All of which I took in stride.... it was a good day to be out and about and racing bikes and seeing cool peeps, and that's all i'm going to say 'bout that.

Kevin Hessler took this photo of me flailing, er, i mean railing at Pisgah CX. SINGLESPEED, baby! 'cause December 8 will be here before you know it...

Andy and I went to a gravel grinder called Wilson's revege a coupla weeks ago. I won the "cake" edition, which is a win but hardly counts as the participant level was light, but Andy managed to get THIRD in the open men, in his second single bike race all year.

And the new Brett Dennen album, which comes out tomorrow! Woot!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My summer vacation

Kids are back in school now and what's the thing you always had to write about in the first week back? What you did over your summer vacation! (The ubiquitous answer of 'nothing' rarely works in our case)

We've been back in town for a whole week, after taking a 10 day vacay to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 10 days! I haven't done that since 2008, when I thoroughly enjoyed a short gap of employment. At my last job, I was always stealing a day or two on either side of the week... And often working on the road. In retrospect it doesn't seem worth it (duh), but I found myself gladly doing similar things on this trip. (Perspective is a grand thing)

We had multiple reasons for going to Marquette, Michigan for this trip: my mom grew up there (and she & dad now own her childhood home there), we still have lots of family hanging about there, it's freakin' beautiful, and there were two athletic events two weekends in a row that piqued either me or Andy's interest.

I *want* to write (at least) four different blog posts about this trip. They would be about the following subjects:

1. Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Race, tandumb style, of course (this was my 10th participation; doesn't seem to get any less fun)
2. Lakenenland (, creative sculptures that surely belong on some road trip tv show
3. Marquette Trail 50km Relay, during which I run the longest period of time in my life, with zero training
4. Marquette Trail 50 mile race, in which Andy scares me more than he ever has before

If said posts do not get written, know that all were super fun must of the time (with one glaring exception at mile 44 of Andy's run), and we made it home safe and sound to find our kitties thoroughly spoiled from our ninja kitty sitter's lavish affections during our absence.

We were home late last Sunday, and threw ourselves back into the daily grind with fervor. After hosting Andy's 'rents this weekend, I haven't had much time to think about what the next few weeks hold. Sometime this week I will do an old skool paper n' pencil training calendar, tho, 'cause I'm not entirely done with the bike racing thing... Stay tuned!

My sister, my bro, and me on August 10 in Lower Harbor Park, Marquette, MI, in front of a giant plywood cutout of the Upper Peninsula. We were crashing the first ever 'Yooper Day' festival (Yoopers being people who live on the U.P.), which appeared to be mostly a food and tshirt vendor celebration. 

Monday, July 8, 2013


Seems like everywhere I turn in my life right now something is (physically) broken. Mentally we're doing 5x5, well, as square as ever, but shit is just broken right now.

Take my bike's power meter. Andy fixed it up good and proper, and I was able to measure just how puny my wattage is for a glorious couple weeks (it was getting better, I swear!) then I got caught in a downpour and kablooie, it says my cadence is 30 and my wattage is down from wimpy to 0. Boo hoo hoo!

Then, there's my body. I'm in week 3 of chiropractic adjustments with a quirky but awesome sports guy and (who knew!) it takes a while to unravel years of neglect and scar tissue. Not the most fun either, but a lot better than crying myself not-to-sleep from the pain.

And let's not forget our old house! We rented it to some guys who apparently never had to do a household chore in their lives, and they trashed it. Mostly superficial stuff (thank goodness!), but it still takes time to clean it up. I've spent the past 3 weekends and several weeknights there, and it's finally looking presentable. Mostly.

This is what I saw when I went to inspect after they left. I guess you can't really see the trash in the yard but I do...

And here it is after 2+ days of vine clearing... It looks even better now...

Buy our house! Or rent if you must. You know you want to live here!

Up next, hot diggety doggett century tomorrow on the road tandem, whee!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pallin' around

When I was growing up (not that long ago at all, young'uns!), there was a commercial playing during all the kids shows, for a doll called "My Buddy (A Real Pal)." So, let's start this blog with that jingle "my buddy, my buddy, wherever I go, he-e goessss..."

For some reason, whenever I open the "MyFitnessPal" app on my phone or the ipad, that damn song comes into my noggin. And it's still not enough to deter me from logging in!

When I meet people who never gain an ounce, who have no issues controlling their food intake (or more likely, don't ever let it get out of hand), I am instantly jealous. It's one of my weak points, eating tasty treats I shouldn't. If I have a big goal race, I'm usually able to get the weight down to 'super slim' by eating lightly and mindfully and avoiding snackie cakes. But last year, a Spring of stress eating zapped me of my motivation, and I remained a slightly heavier version of my super fit self for the whole year.  This year, with similar lowered motivation and zero commuting to work via bike, I've found myself once again 'pleasantly plump' (for a bike racer) to date.

A few weeks ago, while suffering the bloat of one too many junk food items, I came to my senses. Finally!

But I needed a guide, preferably one I didn't have to pay for. (Cause I like to not spend money - more on that some other time) 

In comes the free application "MyFitnessPal". [] This program is essentially a calorie journal, all packaged up in a very user friendly platform. At start-up, you enter some data about yourself, your goal weight, and when you want to hit it, and it tells you how many calories a day you should eat in order to achieve that goal. When you eat something and log it, it takes it out of your daily total. When you exercise, you get to eat more calories! (This is quite often my excuse for exercising) if you have friends using it, too, you can have them encourage you! 

It pulls food details from a giant database of other users' entries, so you don't always have to create a new food every time you log something. It also packages up all your data in a cool dashboard, that lets you know just where you stand. Here's today's overview, so far (haven't logged dinner yet). Also, I swear I didn't eat that many carbs, some of my foods are 'custom' and I don't bother entering that stuff....

Anyway, my new pal goes everywhere with me, since I always have my phone on me and the app syncs between phone and iPad. Expect to see a little bit less of me when next we meet. :) 

"My buddy, my buddy, wherever I go, he-e goes...."