Sunday, August 25, 2013

My summer vacation

Kids are back in school now and what's the thing you always had to write about in the first week back? What you did over your summer vacation! (The ubiquitous answer of 'nothing' rarely works in our case)

We've been back in town for a whole week, after taking a 10 day vacay to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 10 days! I haven't done that since 2008, when I thoroughly enjoyed a short gap of employment. At my last job, I was always stealing a day or two on either side of the week... And often working on the road. In retrospect it doesn't seem worth it (duh), but I found myself gladly doing similar things on this trip. (Perspective is a grand thing)

We had multiple reasons for going to Marquette, Michigan for this trip: my mom grew up there (and she & dad now own her childhood home there), we still have lots of family hanging about there, it's freakin' beautiful, and there were two athletic events two weekends in a row that piqued either me or Andy's interest.

I *want* to write (at least) four different blog posts about this trip. They would be about the following subjects:

1. Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Race, tandumb style, of course (this was my 10th participation; doesn't seem to get any less fun)
2. Lakenenland (, creative sculptures that surely belong on some road trip tv show
3. Marquette Trail 50km Relay, during which I run the longest period of time in my life, with zero training
4. Marquette Trail 50 mile race, in which Andy scares me more than he ever has before

If said posts do not get written, know that all were super fun must of the time (with one glaring exception at mile 44 of Andy's run), and we made it home safe and sound to find our kitties thoroughly spoiled from our ninja kitty sitter's lavish affections during our absence.

We were home late last Sunday, and threw ourselves back into the daily grind with fervor. After hosting Andy's 'rents this weekend, I haven't had much time to think about what the next few weeks hold. Sometime this week I will do an old skool paper n' pencil training calendar, tho, 'cause I'm not entirely done with the bike racing thing... Stay tuned!

My sister, my bro, and me on August 10 in Lower Harbor Park, Marquette, MI, in front of a giant plywood cutout of the Upper Peninsula. We were crashing the first ever 'Yooper Day' festival (Yoopers being people who live on the U.P.), which appeared to be mostly a food and tshirt vendor celebration. 

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Unknown said...

Yay, let's hear stories! Not so yay about Andy going down boom.